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Free Manga & Anime Scans
Saikusa Taisen

A place where scans are free, and readily available for everyone to use in their wallpapers, icons, web-design.

Terms of Use:

• Everything is free to download.

• Comments are not essential, but they make me smile.

• There will be warnings where Mature Contents are involved. So please make sure you read carefully what it is you are downloading.

• No flaming and/or trolling. Play nicely or not at all.

Please do not redistribute these scans. It takes a lot of money to buy & import goods. It then takes even more time to scan, crop, clean & re-size the scans. I have gone to a lot of effort to make these available for free, therefore there is no need to post them anywhere else... you can redirect other people here.

• If there is an individual scan you would like that isn't already available at either MiniTokyo or AnimePaper, then please feel free to ask in a comment.

With thanks to xerox_kitty/spiralsword for letting me previously use her .mac account to host the former Saikusa Taisen. Thanks for the help with graphics, layout & additional material to scan! Therefore she will occasionally use this site too.